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Urethra stricture

Urethra (the urine and semen to the penis with the thin tube) is so narrow that the urine would interfere with the cross. This is a rare event. Can have many causes narrowing of the urethra. The penis or an injury and illness as a result, the narrow road when the shrinking of the scar, which is a few. Very rarely, the urethra can be closed completely. Urethra stricture, the year after an acute gonorrhea events may occur. 

– Urine difficulty coping; 

– Painful bladder out. 


If you have pain or difficulty when the urine is necessary to show a ürologa. Reasons for this problem other than the narrow urethra can open up. The doctor examining penis, urethra, and various tests to make thin, flexible viewing instrument with a sistoskopi will apply. 

To be able to provide normal urine, it is necessary to treat the narrowed urethra. The first thing to do, a thin instrument into the urethra to expand will be put. This process is done with local anesthesia. This treatment must be repeated several times. If the urethra does not extend sufficiently after the opening efforts, surgery may be necessary to consult on the method. 

Can be understood by looking at the degree of tightness with the sistoskop. Surgery when it is applied, this process is performed by inserting sistoskopa some special tools.

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