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Smoker’s losses

Smoker’s losses

Cigarettes are harmful to the health, when you receive your package, each hand will hit your eyes. What about damage to the beauty? Did you ever think about this? Your answer is no you’re invited to recognize the beauty of your enemy. Smoker, your skin, eyes, lips do damage, wrinkles and cellulite and the cause is aging quickly.

According to the World Health Organization statistics, in most of the most world countries and the most common causes of death among lung cancer receiving first place. Increase at a rate of 250% in the last 40 years, lung cancer, showing only 160 thousand people in the United States each year are caught. Every year, 30-40 thousand people in Turkey can be seen in the lung cancer.

According to another study 85 percent of lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, 75 per cent of heart diseases resulting from smoking is 25 percent. Experts, 100 thousand persons in the population do not smoke never catch cancer rates to 3-4% of the day, 61 percent in a packet which, within the 1-2 package 143 which, 2 packs a day or more is within the 217 who is remarkable.

More than 4000 different substances in cigarettes are harmful. Also known as tobacco smoking in the main clause is a very harmful substance. For insect and insect protection from tobacco are grown using pesticides is. With cigarettes, a very toxic substance, except that pesticides are not even take our drink.

Cigarettes Cause of the Illness

Dependence – Nicotine substance very similar to heroin’s addictive properties.

Pain in back and waist – to smoke, belle related diseases is one of the factors that prevent treatment. Besides, from time to time in normal people can cause severe back and waist pain. Because the people who smoke in the body, spinal cord sends oxygen to the discs at a very low amount.

Immunity against drug – Smoking will be effective for a much larger dose of medication in the medication will have to use.

Infertility – Even a child is not the only one smoking increases the risk 3 times.

Menopause – Women who smoke 5-10 years earlier than expected menopause is seen. This value of the bones and cause been early.

Early Aging – Smoking in a regular manner, infects the skin structure, leads to wrinkles. Besides, the decision and the yellow teeth, fingernails will become unhealthy.

Difficulty improvement – much more difficult for smokers who wound is closed. Besides, of wounds after surgery are likely good.

Tooth Loss – Smoking is an important factor in tooth loss.

Prostate Cancer – Smoking is responsible for 40% of prostate cancer.

Breast Cancer – Women who smoke do not drink more than 75% compared with the risk of breast cancer is caught.

Uterine cancer – women who smoke do not drink more than 4 times the risk of uterine cancer is caught.

Throat Cancer – Throat cancer smoking causes 80% of cases.

Stomach Cancer – Smokers who are caught up in the stomach or bowel cancer risk by 2 times more is not within.

Liver Cancer – Liver cancer due to smoking is 80% of cases.

Throat Cancer – a day smokers are 30 times more than 25 the risk of laryngeal cancer will move. This initial phase of progressive difficulty in speech giving rise to completely talk.

Amfizrem – This disease causes the deaths due to smoking is 85%. (In the lungs will lose flexibility over time alveol. Progress on the stage, breathing difficulty, and patients in intensive respiratory machines will have to connect to.)

Oral Cancer – mouth full of cigarettes causes cancer cases.

Esophagus cancer – almost all of these smokers who die from cancer are they dead.

Childhood Respiratory Problems – mother or father of children who smoke more than 6 times the risk of respiratory tract disease is compared with. (A cold, ear infection and bronchitis, tonsil problems, asthma and even zatüre that sometimes causes death)

Ear infections – children of smokers who have middle ear infection is the risk.

Premature birth and the baby’s born of Light – a day a pregnant woman who smoke only 5 to premature birth or a baby born very small and the risk of unhealthy incredible dimensions.

Diabetes – Smoking, the body’s ability to secrete insulin is not time. This also leads to diabetes.

Heart Disease – Smoking is not within the risk of heart attack by more than 4 times.

Gangrene – Lung becomes inefficient for the body, can be spread very little oxygen. Human body, this is a very small amount of oxygen in the internal organs will have to deploy. Therefore, the heart of the most remote parts of the finger tip as a referral from the cells rapidly die. Most of the time, arms or legs can be cut.

THE Scientific Research Related to Smoker

According to the World Health Organization statistics, most of the countries of the world and most are very common causes of death among lung cancer receiving first place. At a rate of 250 percent in the last 40 years, only to lung cancer increased 160 thousand persons in the United States each year are caught. Every year, 30-40 thousand people in Turkey can be seen in the lung cancer.

According to another study 85 percent of lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, 75 per cent of heart diseases resulting from smoking is 25 percent. Experts, 100 thousand persons in the population do not smoke never catch cancer rates 3-4 per cent per day in a packet which 61 per cent, within the 1-2 package 143 which, 2 packs a day or more is within the 217 who is remarkable.

– Tobacco in which substances are harmful to health?

– The best known and most dangerous and carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar is. How do these substances lethal effects?

Carbon monoxide: Car of the exhaust gas is the same. Reduces the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity.

Nicotine: addictive as cocaine and morphine does. Blood pressure (blood pressure) and heart rate increases. Coronary artery disease with carbon monoxide and lead to brain disease.

Katran: Kanserojen (carcinogen) and lung cancer, and chronic bronchitis amfizem do.

– Low tar and nicotine in cigarettes that contain less or is harmful?

No. To compensate for decreasing the amount of blood in the habit of taking in more and more contained.

Do-filter cigarettes are harmless?
No. Carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases will not clean the filter. Filtered cigarettes, and in heart disease still to Icici (stroke) can be captured.

– Smoking causes women is more harmful?
Menopause is 1-3 years earlier. Birth control pill use among women who smoke, do not drink the chance of heart attack by more than 10 times.

-How much does the world cigarette consumption?
In developed countries over the age of 15 a day smoker who smokes was found to average 7-10.

Did You Know?

Smoking and drinking also ongoing throughout the life of young people will die because of tobacco half.

Smoking also damages the children who are born of mothers. Low, low birth weight, complications of pregnancy, infancy and childhood periods are at risk of health problems.

Smoker% of all cancer types 30’nun, lung cancer is the cause of 80-90% of. The most frequent cause of death in men with type of cancer is lung cancer. In women breast cancer is the most common cause lung cancer in women in recent years has become the most common cause of death.

Smokers who do not drink twice as likely to die from a heart attack by, more than three times the risk of sudden heart is stopping.

Who smoke pipes and inside the mouth and esophagus cancer by not more than five times.

Smoker, a sound that led to loss and death of throat cancer is the main reason.

By smokers who do not drink, pneumonia, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis disease, such as easier and more difficult to capture good. In fact, employees or who live with smokers, but even people who do not smoke itself that is subtle. This situation is more obvious in children.

Statistics Related to Smoker

What problems do you have priority than cigarettes? What sort of a social problem, we must. Indeed, human life and health, we are measuring the damage to the extent that: Nothing, smoking is not much damage to our country people. Measurement of human life are.

Each year 100,000 people in our country are victims of smoking in our early years, if action is not taken in the next 20 years, this number 250,000 ‘e out.

100 thousand people to die each year in the face of our country still do not have hair. 100 thousand people every year, what does that mean?

1 aircraft and 300 people die each day is falling.
Each year, a city with a population one hundred thousand atomic bomb is thrown
Each day will be rounded up to the full 6 bus gap person does not survive.

How else can I diagnosis smoking. Cause of death in our country most of the other social problems that will face if we can recognize better than smoking. In our country, as a result of death compared with other issues will be major is social:

2-3 thousand people per year of known terrorist
Traffic terror in the 6-7 thousand of our people
100 thousand people a year of terror Smoker life is good.
Cigarette caused the deaths, traffic, terrorism, such as work accidents. is five times as much as the total of all deaths.

Cigarettes are not the problem in our country

Mortality from Smoking in the world

World Health Organization (WHO), the world’s biggest health problem is smoking has been declared.

4 million people each year from smoking, the world is losing his life. If this number does not take the necessary measures, up to 10 million in the next 20 years.

Cigarette Consumption in Turkey

Years 1990-1995

Two foreign-branded cigarettes factory was established. Erkan all states of the opening was there. All “billboard” s, newspapers, magazines, point of sale tobacco advertising in almost every place is equipped with. Get up to the car, was established distribution network with personnel in excess of ten thousand. Consumption of cigarettes free to rush to dealers everywhere dağıtıldı.Başta promotions was rain. Medical school graduation ball held in the Marlboro. Special events sponsored by the University of smoking was not change. “Camel Trophy” – “Marlboro Adventure” as the organization has been continuously kept on the agenda. For many journalists, especially America, to-televizyoncu presentation was taken to travel. The law was prompted to remove the veto, then the agenda, not get even a period opinion was accepted.

Cigarette Consumption Can Explosion

In 1993, annual consumption of 4.7 billion package / 22 Trillion TL
In 1994, annual consumption of 5.4 billion packages / 61 Trillion TL
In 1995, the annual consumption of 5.7 billion packages / 95 Trillion TL

Social Results

5 years (11-19 years old) has 5 million young people start smoking.
Smoking age 11’lere down.
Smoker is extremely prestigious wins, moved to sub-consciousness.
Smoking is a natural behavior. In any closed space, no one who smoke warn.
War, social and economic is impossible to create a giant image.

A few of the poisons found in cigarettes:

Polonium – 210 (carcinogenic),
Radon (radyosyon),
Methanol (füzeyakıtı),
Toluene (paint thinner),
Cadmium (car battery metal),
Butane (tüpgaz),
DDT (insecticidal),
Hydrogen cyanide (poison gas chambers),
Acetone (lacquer ripper),
Naphthalene (moth on fire),
Hydrogen cyanide (poison gas chambers),
Arsenic (rat poison),
Ammonia (toilet cleaner),
Carbon (eksoz Monoxide gas),
toxic substances, and 3885.
As a result of collapse in Tar (asphalt).

Here are the benefits of stopping smoking:

– 72 hours after increases lung capacity, breathing comfortably and
– 2 weeks after the effort will increase capacity (walking and stair out)
– 1-9 months is renewed lung cells. Lung diseases (such as pneumonia) will reduce risk. Cough, shortness of breath are corrected
– 5 years after the mouth, throat, esophagus reduces cancer risk of 50 percent
– Pancreas, bladder, uterus cancer risk is reduced
– Digestive system reduces the risk of ulcers
– Smoking before pregnancy or the first 3 months of pregnancy is left at risk of premature birth and low birth weight babies birth risk, internal level goes down
– Coronary heart disease risk of cigarette smoking 15 years after being left in a level will not
– The same small children and babies who live at home, reduce the risk of respiratory tract disease is caught in
A person to quit smoking it is the reason the following order:
– Smoking is linked to the emergence of a disease
– Expensive to get the price of cigarettes
– Smoking on the damage resulting publications
– Environment to leave by the promotion, reprimand
– Prohibition of smoking in enclosed spaces
– Smoking in developed countries about the loss of articles, the price of cigarettes, and prohibit condemnation is not effective, while the emergence of a disease in Turkey is more effective.

Fake Pleasure
Tobacco; patlıcangiller is a plant of the genus. Today, against a tropical plant that is grown in a large agricultural area. Is one of the world’s most important industrial products. World consumption of food and money is not a plant as economic activities are the highest. Other crops, tobacco leaf in the most important feature that separates is nicotine. A nitrogenous organic substances alkoloiddir nicotine. For this reason, the transmitter is used as a tobacco pleasure.

Eye-catching point of fact, tobacco is considered as the transmitter is fun. It’s fun and exercise disorders are not transmitting Tobacco, tobacco is the tobacco itself is arbitrary, again, he eliminates the discomfort that is a false pleasure. That was actually created by people smoking cigarettes is not the complaint (disease) to remove the cigarette from the middle of a false love and that love to relax, is a false pleasure.

Is the greatest need of creatures in nature and lack of nutrition causes a great inconvenience to the state and it also means that hunger. Open the man himself poor, weak and feeling comfortable after receiving nutrients to strengthen the full enjoyment of the experience. This is a natural and fun you want, eliminating the natural result of a disturbance occurs. As a plant nutrient to the human need zehirsiz. Almost everything is Zehirsiz human nutrition has made.

Plays an important role in human life habits. To do something useful in this case is to exercise. At this time we received a very enjoyable and we have some bad habits only get used to them and we need to relax our resolve to have to have. We created the need for him is itself a harmful substance that is absolutely not try and enjoy it.

In human organisms, such as smoking, a person’s nutrient needs initializes the need. Can not think and can not be comfortable without nicotine the body becomes. Brain function can not fulfill the entirety of the nicotine-free function. As a result of these organisms becomes uncomfortable and need to smoke. This need by smoking forced ourselves into it by force exercise in fact we are starting. Because no people like that first cigarette in the internal affairs on the contrary did not find as sickening and disgusting thing was. Habits and needs a new requirement was added per person will be happy to resolve this need and this is a false pleasure. This created false pleasure in her happy in her beautiful personal unhappiness in her brief that is installed on the emotions of people every time it is burned with all these emotions and more people exploring the whole state is an indispensable and also creates a psychological dependence. And beneficial interaction with smoke whereas they could not otherwise. A movement of people from a non-smoker friends, or remaining in a tone that old memories or can remember happiness. Cigarette smoke in the way humankind does not need any.

People who never hurt him closer to an item that does not want to bother. Nobody gives a self-disturbance does not want to inhale smoke. Less expensive and has spread to the tobacco world, and it is one thing to get used to the richness as the tobacco and tobacco spread.

Despite the prohibition and punishment delivered before the stop tobacco use. States will receive revenue from tobacco and notice a significant amount of income due to tobacco use and agriculture were encouraged. Thus, states have begun to get tobacco from the various taxes.

Nicotine in tobacco is a drug exists as a natural. Heroin and cocaine is at least as addictive. When taken at doses more than the paralyzed muscles to breathe and can kill people. However, when the smoke is taken in small doses to these substances the body can, therefore, not kill people immediately. You moved to within the lungs when you smoke nicotine, is quickly into the blood circulation, heart and brain is moved to. The first dose of nicotine to the person gives a sense of alertness, and later brings a sense of peace and relaxation. Nicotine, heart, vessels, the hormone system and affect the body and brain metabolism. 2-3 shots per minute will increase the heartbeat. Reduces body temperature and slows down blood circulation in the legs and feet. Heart disease and heart attacks has been proven to increase the risk.

The gases in cigarette smoke is annoying. When you take them to your internal body tries to protect itself by coughing. Smoking lungs ability to continuously protect the bacteria and viruses in the air has killed far more easily into the lungs can.

A survey by the British government, a smoking room in the baby at risk of sudden death is revealed. Smoking and nicotine to examine the damage, the British government established by the research committee report, in a room smoking and asthma in infants with respiratory tract disorders such as serious illness can be caught. In the UK 80 babies a year die of poisoning from the smoke and get lung cancer is hundreds of passive Icici says. Also, living with one smoker 26’sında% of lung cancer, heart disease risk is increased 23’ünde% ortaya kondu.

Alcoholic beverage consumption in the third world, the consumption of tobacco products are the fourth. Last year, we have consumed alcohol and cigarettes is the amount, 370 trillion TL. 52% of the young generation is using cigarettes. According to research, 22,000,000 people in Turkey smoke. About 200,000 people each year from smoking because of the country life is lost. The 160 thousand addict, the remaining 40,000 people, mostly children and babies that is made up of passive Icici.

Turkey’s young population is higher than that in the age to start smoking until 10-11 is expressed in children smoking, drinking and drugs, to describe the damage to the family said big task fell.

World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, most of the countries according to world best and the most common causes of death in the first place to get lung cancer. Increase at a rate of 250% in the last 40 years, showing only lung cancer in the U.S. each year 160,000 people will be caught. In Turkey every year of lung cancer in people is seen 30000-40000.

Some items you should know about Smoker:
-What materials are harmful to health in Tobacco?
The best known and most dangerous of carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar is.
Low tar and nicotine-containing cigarettes is harmful to you than?
No. To compensate for decreasing the amount of blood in the habit of taking in more and more contained.
Do-filter cigarettes are harmless?
No. Carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases will not clean the filter. Filtered cigarettes, and in heart disease still to Icici (stroke) can be captured.
-Smoking causes women is more harmful?
Menopause is 1-3 years earlier. Birth control pill use among women who smoke, do not drink the chance of heart attack by more than 10 times.
-How much does the world cigarette consumption?
In developed countries over the age of 15 a day smoker who smokes was found to average 7-10.

* 20 minutes after you give up smoking: your blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal. Hands and feet return to normal movement of the hot pressing.
* 8 hours after you give up smoking: blood oxygen level returns to normal. Heart attack risk starts to decline.
* You have 24 hours after smoking cessation: carbon monoxide (exhaust veterans) are discarded from the body. Accumulation in the lungs and other mucus begins to clear.
* You have 48 hours after smoking cessation: Nicotine in the body can not be determined now. Increased sense of taste and smell.
* You have 72 hours after smoking cessation: the relaxation of the respiratory tract becomes easier to breathe. Body energy increases.
* 2-12 weeks after you give up smoking: can improve whole body movement. Easy to walk.
* 3-9 months after you give up smoking: Coughing, shortness of breath is correct. Lung function increases at a rate of 5-10 per cent.
* You give up smoking 5 years later: risk of heart attack goes down to half the risk of smoking.
* 10 years after you give up smoking: Lung cancer risk goes down to half the risk of smoking. Heart attack risk with no one will be equal to not smoke.

Now how much of how harmful smoking is everyone knows. Of tobacco is carcinogenic to hear, never left. However, the damage smoking does not end with it, all lead to heart and lung disease, and vascular congestion, can take up to polio.

The first breath … and after
Smoking at the moment, your body begins to be affected. Your pulse will rise, more rapid breathing, and you’ll begin to provide. Your blood circulation slows. Host a mixture of toxic substances in cigarettes is approximately 3700. It is a big part of these carcinogens. The most harmful of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and ammonia, and these toxic chemicals siyanid a breath of smoke is mixed into your bloodstream. As a result, asthma, lung inflammation, the chest pain starts. More frequent colds, flu and colds would push to pass.

Every three seconds on a person who has lost life from a disease linked to smoking. 2,500,000 million people worldwide each year, life lost due to smoking. The main reason of death is lung cancer, the second major cause of heart disease and other cancer types.
In the human body, is not any part that will not be affected by chemicals in cigarettes. In this section, your body will do a short tour and then your body is what we’ll show you:

Print and Face
As a cigarette addict, mouth cancer the risk is too high. Moreover, tobacco smoke can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and bad smell of your breath will cause. In addition to these chronic headaches also can be found in cigarette addicts. There is a decrease in oxygen to the brain that causes the brain vessels to narrow. People will take up this case by polio.

And bronchi of the lungs
Boron and your breath in your chest bronchia of the last smoke. The hydrogen siyanid cigarette smoke, and chronic cough yakar bronchia out of the wall. Bronchia weakened, the disease occurs in this region many. Decrease in lung secretions, and this leads to chronic cough. Smokers who do not drink more than ten times the risk of lung cancer are.

Smoker’s heart with a single word of the damage is devastating. Nicotine raises blood pressure and blood clots more quickly to the cause. Carbon monoxide in cigarettes is destroyed by oxygen in the blood is stored and cholesterol in the arteries, which increases the risk of heart attack. Besides, blood circulation disorders, depending, stroke, gangrene of fingers and impotence, smokers who are very often the disease.

Bad effects of cigarettes are many digestive system. Cigarette consumption, depending on the acid secretion in the stomach increases, stomach ulcers side and starts. Pancreatic cancer is too often dependent on a cigarette out, resulting in death is to a large extent. The carcinogenic substances in cigarette design, laid out in the urine, but bladder cancer presence in the body of this article leads. Smoker high blood pressure because of the great damage to the kidneys.

Bad effects of cigarettes on health has been proven arastırmalarla. According to this research, 40% of smoker men died before the age of retirement is not yet. This rate 18’dir% smoking. In women who smoke the risk of uterine cancer is replicated, the disabled and pregnant women smoking has resulted in stillbirth.

Despite all this, quit smoking as soon as the body begins to repair itself. No smoking inside the body to be like ten years. However, cancer or heart patients to quit smoking to be expected, the body to repair itself will not be much time. Unfortunately, this disease is often lethal. Can not be a better reason to quit smoking.

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