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Practical Cappadocia

Where to find information before leaving

Tourist office in France : 102, avenue des Champs Elysees, 75008 Paris.
Tourist office in Switzerland : 82, Talstrasse, 8001 Zurich.
Tourist office in Belgium: at the embassy, rue Montoyer, 4B, 1000 Brussels.

For all other countries, request information from the embassies.

Where to find information on the spot

Most cities in Cappadocia have a tourist office. Local travel agencies can also provide information.


For citizens of many countries, a valid passport or identity card is valid for a stay of less than three months. Be sure to confirm before leaving in case the laws have changed. For other countries a visa may be necessary, request information from embassies or at the tourist office.

How to get to Cappadocia

There are no direct flights from Europe. A change of plane is necessary in Istanbul. Cappadocia is served by two airports, one in Kayseri, the other in Nevşehir. Daily flights depart from Istanbul. The flight lasts about an hour. it is also possible to go via Ankara. Bus service is also available from Istanbul or Ankara.

The best seasons to travel

Cappadocia enjoys a continental climate, very cold in winter with snow for several months. The summers are of ten oppressively hot. The best times to visit are at the end of spring (May, June) and in the autumn (September, October). These are the best seasons for hiking and discovering nature in all its splendor.


No vaccination is obligatory. No special health precautions are necessary.

Cappadocia Balloon Tours

Cappadocia Balloon Tours

Getting around in Cappadocia

An ideal solution is to discover the region on one’s own with a rented car. Utmost caution is advised, however, when driving. Roads are of ten narrow and in need of repair, due to the severe winters. it is also possible to rent a motorcycle locally. The same rules of safety apply to a two wheel vehicle.

With an organized tour, you will have no difficulty in discovering a maximum of sites in a minimum of time. You will have access to the main centers of interest at the same time as other visitors.

Public transport, notably municipal bus service, provides transportation to a large number of sites and you can plan your own program. Municipal buses and collective taxis provide transport between all the villages.

The regional capital

Nevşehir. 113,000 inhabitants.


Hotels are numerous and offer accommodation for every budget. Preference should be given to those which do not detract from the surroundings. In the last several years, guest houses have opened in restored homes and in troglodyte dwellings. They provide all modern comforts and are of ten unexpectedly charming.

CCR Hotels

CCR Hotels


Restaurants are everywhere but they are of ten of unequal quality. Several fine restaurants can be found, however, where local specialties can be savored. Especially recommended are böreks (puff pastry with eheese, spinaeh or meat) ; imam bayıldı (stuffed eggplant) ; saç tava (meat sauted with bell peppers) ; şiş kebab (skewers of meat) ; köfte (meat balls) ; pide (pizza). Meals can be accompanied with local wine or with rakı, an anise- flavored liquor which is drunk with cool water.

Proper manners

Turks are very hospitable and ask only to be of help. The region, which is perfectly safe for traveling, is a veritable paradise for hikers. Do not hesitate to leave the beaten paths to discover villages or little known valleys. Be sure you are accompanied by a guide, however, as many roads are not marked with signs and all look alike. it is easy to lose your way. Appropriate and decent clothing is recommended, especially when visiting sanctuaries and mosques.

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