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Palaces in Istanbul

On a finger of land at the confluence of the Bosphorus, the Golden Ham and the Sea of Marmara stands the Topkapı Palace, that maze of buildings that was the focal point of the Ottoman Empire between the 15th and 19th centuries. In these opulent surroundings the sultans and their court lived and governed. A magnificent wooded garden fills the ... Devamını Oku »

Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul embraces two continents with one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe. Through the city’s heart, the Bosphorus, course the waters of the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn. The former capital of three successive empires, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, Istanbul taday honors and preserves the legacy of its past while loaking ... Devamını Oku »

Nature's Health Cure

A visit to Turkey wouldn’t be complete without a stop at one of the country’s better known spas, whether to treat a health problem or simply to luxuriate in the soothing waters of natural mineral baths. A stop at one of the spas described here can easily be added to a tour of Turkey’s most famous destinations. The health-giving properties ... Devamını Oku »

The Gelibolu Mevlevihane

In other fifteen Mevlevihanes the Gelibolu Mevlevihane, Mevlevi Dervish Lodge is the one that has the largest area and the biggest and the most magnificient semahane or hall where the dervishes whirl into trance of communion with God. It is for hundred years old and it has activated for so long. The first Seyh and the founder of Mevlevihane was ... Devamını Oku »

Sarıkamış Ski Center

Sarıkamış ski center is located near Sarıkamış, 60 km from Kars in Eastern Turkey. The nearest airport is 50 km away. The duration of the skiing season is 120 days a year. The altitude in the skiing area of Sarıkamış is 2.200 – 2.634 m and covered by pine forest. The most suitable skiing conditions are between 20 December and ... Devamını Oku »

Palandöken Ski Center

This center has a sufficent number of suitable skiing slopes for Alpine skiing, ski touring, cross country and heli-skiing. Guides are available for these activities. Palandöken Ski Center is located on the northern slopes of the Palandöken Mountain in the Eastern Anatolia Region, southwest of the town of Erzurum. The distance between the center and Erzurum is 5 km and ... Devamını Oku »

A Dream : Cappadocia

Do you want to see Cappadocia ? Okay ! You came right place. Now i’ll show you a Quick Cappadocia Video Tour. Now watch the video below. And share your feelings with us. I hope after you’ll see video, you’ll want to visit Cappadocia. Devamını Oku »

Erciyes Ski Center

Erciyes Ski Center

Erciyes Ski Center has suitable conditions for summer skiing, ski touring and heli-skiing and is equipped with 2 chairlifts and 2 T bars. Qualified skiing instructors and equipment for hire are available. The center has first aid facilities and a rural clinic. Erciyes Ski Center is located on extinct volcanic mountain of Erciyes, which is east of Cappadocia and south ... Devamını Oku »

Kartalkaya Ski Center

Kartalkaya Ski Center is Located in the Western Black Sea Region, southeast of the town of Bolu in the picturesque pine forests of the Köroğlu Mountains. The Ankara Highway is a 45 minute drive from this center which is about 220 km from the airport in Ankara, and about 275 km from airport in Istanbul. The duration of the skiing ... Devamını Oku »

Cappadocian Markets

Markets, mainly those of Ürgüp and Avanos, are like a celebration. Sellers come from great distances to exhibit their products. Starting at dawn, the first carts appear along the road. The market is the business of woman. They are the ones who set up the stalls and display ther merchandise. Pyramids of eggplants, piles of hot peppers, mountains of tomatoes, ... Devamını Oku »