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Izmir Balçova Hot Springs

The Balçova hot springs are located on the site of the Baths of Agamemnon, known in antiquity for the therapeutie qualities of its waters.

According to one legend, Agamemnon was advised by an oracle to bring soldiers who had been wounded during the campaign against Troy to the sulfur-rich waters of these natural hot springs. Balçova is situated to the west of the Aegean port of lzmir.


The Balçova hot springs flow from two explaratory wells at a rate of 28 liters per seccond. The facilities can accommodate 3,456 bath-days on the basis of 600 liters per person per day, per bath.

Physio-chemical Characteristics and Indicatians:

The Balçova hot springs contain sodium chloride and calcium bicarbonate. The springs have a water temperature ranging from 62° to 80°C, a pH of 6.4, and a mineral content of 1,369 mg/lt.

These hot springs are recommended for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, digestive maladies, post-injury healing and Post- operative problems, along with calcification and metabolic disorders.

Massage in Balçova Spas

Massage in Balçova Spas


The Balçova hot spring complex, with a total capacity of 3,000 people per day, provides hot mineral pools and baths, offers a patient therapy pool, sauna, massage, underwater massage, ultrasound, physical exercise, electro-therapy and physical therapy. The complex also has a new park.



Governorship of İzmir
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