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History of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the most impressive regions chosen as a place of settlement by various civilizations. The people who have lived and who still live here have always been inseparable from nature and history, and the life style of their soociety has persisted despite the difficulties caused by the wind, the elimate, and the natural environment.

The first inhabitants of Cappadocia hunted using weapons made of obsidian and flint, which can be found throughout the region, they also lived on wild plants. Because of bad weather conditions and the dangers of nature they looked for closed places to live in, and finding caves or shelters under the rocks they abandoned their nomadic life style.

After they had settled down, the communities increased in number and built themselves shelters made of wood, mud-bricks or cloth. They preferred to settle down near water sources and designed dwellings in accordance with the geographic characteristics of the region and their family life became more regulated.

The main reason people had choosing the Cappadocia Region to settle was that it was covered with tufa, which can be hollowed out easily. Mostly they preferred the steep hillsides of the valleys as settlements and, later on, because of the lack of dwelling places they hollowed out the insides of the rocks. The hollowing-out technique remained the same for centuries, and the dry elimate has preserved the tool marks on the walls and the ceilings. This troglodyte life style continued for generations, and in the following centuries Capppadocia became a religious activity, both for hermits and for colonies living a monastic life. As a result, different kinds of architecture developed in the rock churches and monasteries. These places hollowed out in the rocks were suitable for residence because they were warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Because of this, even today the troglodyte life style still goes on. In addition to this, the residents stored the crops, that they grew, in these places. (Even today the fruit brought from the Mediterranean Region, such as oranges and lemons, are stili kept in these natural stores hollowed out in rocks.)

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