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Acupuncture and Losing Weith

As is known, is used in acupuncture treatment habits. Weight loss and lifestyle of the changing dietary habits and possible that this new habit acquired during the course of, acupuncture patients too large to provide a convenience. 
Regulates appetite and food will eliminate the incentive to attack. 
Rate under the control of gastric acid, the stomach is starving, to prevent problems such as a side. 
Low in calories because that can be fed with fatigue is prevented. 
Regulates the speed of metabolism. Acupuncture treatment of patients, the diet itself is the achievement of weight loss easier. 
During acupuncture treatment, serotonin and endorphin levels in the body increases. Hormones to the person who made this diet gives peace, provides sedation. So do people who diet, the limitations of the old food for pleasure and anxiety do not live because of unrest. 
30-40 kg. more, of course, a long time that patients need to do is diet. However, most people have the patience for such a diet, began Monday and ends on every Saturday. Thus, as a result of frequent dieting attempts to give her last günkilo becomes more difficult. That is, this tremendous success, and acupuncture in patients such as patients in a time period extending up to 1 year can give them weight. Based on the patient’s diet can cause long-term, the creation of acupuncture because of the sedative effect and is trankilizan. Also more motivated when they see patients in the weight of the melt and buckle down to this work.

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